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TigerTurf™ is the grass of choice for us. TigerTurf™ are one of the largest artificial turf manufacturers in the world. From their British made turfs you have many products to compare and choose from. Ranging from TigerTurf's best selling 'finesse' through to the luxurious 'vision deluxe'

Eden is a unique, omni-directional™ product, creatively made to perfectly replicate natural grass. Eden’s deflection of light and incorporation of moss and hazel colours in the thatch layer make this product extremely realistic.

Finesse Deluxe incorporates several shades of green yarns with a mix of brown yarns at the root to give it the ultimate authentic look and feel of natural turf- all year round.

Not only does TigerTurf’s top seller Finesse use the varied tones of Finesse Deluxe to create a very natural appearance, it is also shorter in height at 26mm to give it the ‘freshly mowed’ effect. Finesse is great for relaxing days and peaceful evenings in the garden.